Curious stamps of the summer in Ibiza 2013 – part 2

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Every summer hundreds of tourists from around the world come to Ibiza attracted by the magnetism of the Mediterranean’s beaches, its warm weather, its lazy spanish lunchs and festive atmosphere that permeates day and night. The options are varied: romantic walks under the sunset, hippie sounds of drums on the beach, boat parties enjoying privileged views, incombustible deejay sessions and walks along the harbor watching the most luxurious yachts of jet set.

Many tourists who visit us in the white island come back to their countries with an idyllic memory to share with their family and friends. However, for years Ibiza has been synonymous with permissiveness and raving. A little bubble in Spain where everything revolves around the nightlife. A dangerous mix of parties, alcohol, drugs and authorities who turn a blind eye make that some visitors cross the line and do what they would never do at home. In the worst cases, some of them can never tell how were their vacation.

Improvised pool party

Those who chose the second week of September to enjoy their vacation in Ibiza found, instead of the sunny island of beautiful beaches and endless parties, streets turned into a brown pool of dirty water.

One more year torrential rains left evidence of the poor condition of the sewage flooding streets and tunnels and forcing neighbors to draw water from their business and houses with buckets. The occurrence of some tourists who dared to joke with beach mats like a boats sailing the streets could have ended in tragedy as they pushed each other between cars circulating.

Chocolate bar with surprise inside

Drugs are also present in the summer of Ibiza. Sometimes with unexpected consequences for those who are involved in drug dealer’s plans without being aware of it.

One of the most curious news happened when two truck drivers, carrying chocolates to a warehouse for distribution, felt hungry. They thought the goods could be a good snack so each one ate one chocolate bar. After the intake, both drivers began to feel hallucinations. Too high for a simple chocolate they must have thought. Effectively what they did not know was that each bar had five ounces and each one had a dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD.

This drug, little known in Spain, is taken with some regularity in the Netherlands. Every fifth of the chocolate would be a portion of drug to consume, so that the total was 25,000 cache of LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms hidden in 138 kilos of chocolates.

Drivers stopped on the road and an ambulance took them to the hospital quickly. Instead was the police who took the steering wheel to the intended destination. Reached the warehouse the police arrested a Dutch man and discovered 32,000 ecstasy tablets and 12 kilos of methamphetamine in the storehouse.

The carriers felt effects from the consumption of drugs during days but thanks to them the police arrested one of the largest dealers of hallucinogens in Europe and the most important distributor of ecstasy and ‘crystal’ of the island, according to the Civil Guard. They were the real heroes of the ‘Cocoa operation’.

‘Balconing’, jump to death

In the tourist season of 2013 nine tourists died (seven in Mallorca and two in Ibiza) to rush from balconies or windows, episodes always related to alcohol intoxication.

The first case took place on June 1st in Ibiza. This time it was a Russian tourist citizenship (35 years old) who was staying in a luxury hotel in Vila. The man came to the hotel at night in a state of drunkenness, so he leaned on a railing inside the establishment, fell on the first floor hallway and died on the spot.

The second case, a British man (24 years old) died after falling from a balcony in San Antonio. The young British had been on a night out with friends in San Antonio, on the western side of the party island, when he fell to his death.

These deaths make us wonder why so many people are falling over balconies every summer? The problem is not the balconies it is the excessive alcohol consumption and a dangerous activity called ‘Balconing’. They jump from their room’s balcony to the swimming pool below. A very popular mischief between young guests in Spanish hotels that becomes a fatal Russian roulette.


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