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Every summer hundreds of tourists from around the world come to Ibiza attracted by the magnetism of the Mediterranean’s beaches, its warm weather, its lazy spanish lunchs and festive atmosphere that permeates day and night. The options are varied: romantic walks under the sunset, hippie sounds of drums on the beach, boat parties enjoying privileged views, incombustible deejay sessions and walks along the harbor watching the most luxurious yachts of jet set.

Many tourists who visit us in the white island come back to their countries with an idyllic memory to share with their family and friends. However, for years Ibiza has been synonymous with permissiveness and raving. A little bubble in Spain where everything revolves around the nightlife. A dangerous mix of parties, alcohol, drugs and authorities who turn a blind eye make that some visitors cross the line and do what they would never do at home. In the worst cases, some of them can never tell how were their vacation.

Particular shower on the beach

The first curious picture of this past summer was in May when a couple of Civil Guards rescued a naked tourist wearing only a slip with a deer head mask and strapped to the shower with plastics.

What looked like a joke to the tourist’s friends, could have become worse since the shower was on and the prisoner could not move to avoid the water falling on him.

Firefighters rescue a trapped member

In July The Emergency Health Hospital Can Misses in Ibiza required the help of firefighters to liberate the penis and testicles of a man (dangerously compressed by a steel ring used as a sex toy). Firefighters had to use a radial and took two hours to cut and remove the contraption from the genitals. Doctors had to submit general anesthesia to continue the delicate operation.

The man, a German (51 years old) was discharged the next day after spending the night on the Urology section of the hospital and unwilling to try new sexual practices.


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